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      ABOUT US

      Founded in 2012, Dongguan Jiasong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd, is a high-tech company with own R&D team, manufacture and sale. We have 15 software engineers and 5 hardware engineers. Main products include 2.4GHz wireless video door phone, WiFi video doorbell, WiFi  camera, wireless video intercom module embedded to finger print lock/smart lock, wireless audio door intercom, 2.4G digital wireless module, etc.

      We continuously upgrade our product types and quality to meet customers' demand. In unremitting pursuit of "top quality, high technology, good price and perfect service", we have carried out various cooperation with our clients for a win-win situation.

      We are able to provide custom hardware and software solutions to our customers. OEM and ODM orders are welcome.

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      2nd Floor, Block D, Longchang Science Park, No.26, Hantang Street, Dongcheng District, Dongguan, China

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